Exterior House Painting – Boston South Shore

We have been painting houses for many years – this means that you can get a top quality job for a low price.

Unlike most painters, we are experts in ALL aspects of low cost, high quality exterior remodeling. Our trusted team will quickly and efficiently paint your house so that it lasts a long time and looks great too.

Some reasons why  customers choose us:

  1. Our costs are LOW, so your price is LOW!
  2. Our paint foreman has 40 YEARS of experience.
  3. We don’t employ subcontractors that can screw up your paint job. We take full responsibility and do it all.
  4. We make sure the job is done right with lots of prep work, which is the key to good paint job – powerwash, scrape, sand, fill with plastic wood.
  5. We are licensed in Mass as for all exterior work. Most painters don’t have our qualifications.
  6. We carry more insurance than most painters.
  7. Painting does not require permit, but we pull permits for painting.
  8. We stay close to home for paint jobs – this means that we arrive earlier and stay later, so your job is done fast.
  9. We know all our employees, and they are all documented.. no surprises.

We can help you choose the right paint for your house, and show you the process we use for a long lasting & good looking paint job. We’ll get your house looking good, fast!

And because we have many years experience, with low overheads, our prices are low.

Just give us a call and schedule your free low price quote today.