Very Good Job

Work Completed Date: October 15, 2013
Last Modified Date: December 13, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $10,000.00
Description Of Work: Jeffrey Willette did roofing and siding for me. He put new plywood, shingles and fascia boards on the roof. I have a big two family house.
Member Comments:
He did a very good job and sometimes went out of his way to do a little more. He is personable and was on time. I cannot think of anything bad. I would use him again if I had to. He is honest and he does what he says and a little above.

Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes
Transcribed from a telephone interview
Company Response: it was nice meeting you both thanx

Review Date: November 25, 2013
Member: J. Mandeville
Categories: Carpentry – Unfinished
Services Performed: Yes

J. Mandeville