Work Completed Date: June 18, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $17,000.00
Description Of Work: installed insulation behind vinyl siding, re-installed poorly draining gutters that were installed by another person (they work great now!), provided us with needed referrals and service work
Member Comments: Jeff installed vinyl siding November 2013. I can’t say enough about how professional, honest, and a great person to work with. His crew did a great job. Completed the work rapidly, were considerate, and the end product exceeded our expectations. Jeff is easy to reach, returns calls promptly and always follows through. There were a few minor changes I needed and we both agreed that it would be best to wait until Spring to complete them (it involved painting and it was too cold). Jeff returned in the Spring and made sure that I was happy with all aspects of the work. Recently a lawnmower threw a big stone and it made a hole in the siding. I called Jeff and he came out the next day to make the repair! He even left me with an extra length of siding should there be any future problems. While he was here I happened to discuss a problem I was having in the house and he was able to not only refer me to a great company (the Gas Man), but helped to get them out to solve our problem the next day. If I could give him an A+++ it would be appropriate in all categories. Best experience I’ve ever had with a contractor! We have gotten so many complements about how nice the siding looks, and even a friend who at one time installed siding commented on what a great job it was. Thanks Jeff!
Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes
Company Response: love you two thank you

Review Date: June 20, 2014
Member: C. Delano
Categories: Gutter Repair & Replacement
Services Performed: Yes

C. Delano