Forward and Honest

Work Completed Date: January 01, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $215.00
Description Of Work: Installed a replacement window, replaced bulkhead door, replaced basement door, repaired roof
Member Comments:
Jeff is pleasant to work with. He is straight forward and honest. He’s accommodating and flexible. Once his crew started on the roof they discovered it wasn’t as bad as they thought and Jeff was honest about that. It saved me $500 bucks! The work gets done fast but appears to be of quality; no more leaks, no more drafts! And Jeff has a great sense of humor. I already have him lined up for a couple of more jobs around the house. He’s a keeper!

Share on Band of Neighbors: No
Company Response: nice meeting you ladies thank you

Review Date: January 03, 2014
Member: P. Hembrough
Category: Siding
Services Performed: Yes

P. Hembrough